How to Evaluate an IT Company: 6 Tips

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The computer infrastructure of a business is invaluable for day-to-day operations and as the business's online "face" to consumers. Managed IT service companies offer many services, such as monitoring, streamlining, and maintaining a business’s vital computer infrastructure.

Working with an experienced Managed IT service provider can prevent the cost, frustration, and embarrassment of computer glitches and outages. The experts at Mobile Computer Services (MCS), Inc. have a few tips for business owners trying to evaluate a managed IT company.

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6 Top Tips and Criteria for Evaluating Managed IT Companies

#1: Is the managed IT company responsive in a crisis?

All business owners know that moment of panic when a crucial file is missing, the phone or credit card reader is down, or the computers are running at a snail’s pace. A managed IT service provider should respond quickly to any unexpected problem and resolve it before customers get upset or business opportunities are lost. 

What is the MSP’s response time?  MCS has a GUARANTEED RESPONSE TIME of 3 minutes or “WE PAY YOU,” the company tagline reads.  According to their happy customers, when you call, they answer!

#2: Does the company listen?

Every situation is different. If a managed IT service provider offers cookie-cutter solutions without fully understanding the problem, they might not be spending the time and energy to truly protect their customers. 

#3: Does the company proactively prevent problems before they occur?

A managed IT service provider should be proactive in identifying trouble spots in a computer system and offering solutions before there is a problem. A computer system that is professionally maintained and looked after offers reliability and efficiency and saves money over time.

#4: Does the provider offer managed IT solutions that work?

If managed IT solutions are not tailored to each individual business's needs, staff and customers might have to accommodate an inefficient system, causing frustration and potentially costing business. The managed IT company should serve the needs of the client, not the other way around.

#5: Does the provider offer cost-effective services?

It is more important now than ever for businesses to rein in costs. A managed IT company should offer cost-effective solutions so that businesses do not have to scale back their IT protection or rely on DIY strategies. 

#6: Is the company up-to-date on the latest trends?

The world is changing at an ever-increasing rate. New technologies offer game-changing solutions. Changing regulations force businesses to face new IT challenges. Consumers and businesses have reinvented themselves to endure the COVID pandemic.

If a managed IT service provider is still offering 2019 strategies and tools for 2021 business challenges, it might be time to look elsewhere. Likewise, if a managed IT service provider is not a good fit for a business, it might be time to switch. 

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Mobile Computer Services, Inc. is a trusted member of the Wake Forest Area, accredited by Dunn & Bradstreet. They treat every business as an individual and create customized and proactive managed IT solutions. Their team has the experience and technology to handle the IT needs of businesses of all types and sizes.

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