Cindy S.

Mobile Computer Services, Inc.

As with any company, one of our goals at MCS is customer retention. We strive to keep clients not only by providing top-notch customer service and quality work, but also with our responsiveness.

We are the only company with a Guaranteed Response Time of 3 minutes or less, or WE PAY YOU!

According to Cindy S., the Practice Manager for Dr. Kent’s Dental Office, Carolina Braces, this level of attention is what has kept them extremely satisfied as our client.

“We have worked with MCS for over 5 years and have always been happy with their support. Mobile Computer Services, Inc. is knowledgeable, relatable, and quick to respond. When issues arise, we trust that MCS will always know or find the solution!”

One of our first tasks with Dr. Kent’s office was to make sure they were operating and connecting properly between their 2 locations. We were tasked to upgrade and secure their network infrastructure making them HIPAA compliant and able to work securely and confidently.

Cindy shared our most recent endeavor in their office saying, “recently our office was hit by a terrible virus that wiped out all of our Word and Excel documents. MCS was quick to address the issue and work with the necessary technicians to get our office back in working order. This is only ONE example of the excellent support we have received from MCS.”

Cindy S.
Practice Manager
Carolina Braces (Dr. Robert Kent, DDS, Orthodontist, Owner)