Telehealth and HIPAA Compliance in the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

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A prophetic vision for the future of teledentistry was cast over twenty years ago. “Teledentistry is a rapidly forming subset of telehealth, a field that already has a considerable impact on the healthcare industry. Recent advances have created new opportunities for teledentistry, and changes in diverse technologies have created new tools for the practitioner. Technologies currently available are beginning to …

The Remote Workplace and Cybersecurity Concerns

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has created a temporary remote workforce that has swelled to unprecedented levels and may signal a larger and more permanent shift to remote work. Working from home reduces certain health risks associated with the coronavirus. However, working at home also creates cybersecurity risks and other IT management issues that must be resolved before any work is …

How Dental Practices Can Gain an Advantage Through Dental IT Services

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Data or information is the heartbeat of business in a world driven by data. The dental office is a prime example of a data-dependent environment. How a dental practice manages its data directly influences office processes, team demeanor, the customer journey, and profitability. An excellent dental IT management solution will improve overall office process efficiencies, enhance and preserve team harmony, …

IT Red Flags to Watch Out For and How a Managed IT Service Provider Can Help

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As a business owner and the primary decision-maker for your company, you’re juggling a lot of balls. You’re responsible for driving the growth of your business, maintaining good relationships with clients and stepping in to get the job done when things slip through the cracks. With so much going on, it’s easy to overlook IT issues that need to be …

Managed IT Services Help Dental Practices Protect Against Cyber Attacks

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According to a recent study, the average direct cost of a cyber-attack resulting in a security breach at a small business is approximately $38,000. Downtime ($23,000), lost business opportunities ($5,000), and the service providers the company will need to hire to deal with the cybersecurity breach are included in this figure. Small businesses pay an average of about $10,000 in …

8 Serious Threats Lurking in the Cybersphere

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When cyber threats strike, they are costly for both large and small businesses. A recent study provided data indicating that the direct cost to a small business to remediate a cyber-attack is $38,000. For a large company, the direct costs are a whopping $825,000. These figures do not account for more tangential and tertiary or “hidden” costs which rocket recovery …

The Most Compelling Argument for Outsourcing IT Management Services: ROI

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Managed IT Company Explains How Outsourcing IT Management Can Increase ROI Small business owners understand the complexity of effectively and profitably running a business. One strand of that complexity is managing the data-intensive environment, so an IT management solution is indispensable. Hardware, software, network services, data protection and recovery, cybersecurity, a business continuity plan in case of a catastrophic systems …

5 Reasons that an In-House IT Team is Becoming an Outdated Concept in Wake Forest

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Across the US, and even globally, companies are moving away from an in-house IT person to a solution that offers Managed IT Services. For small and medium-sized businesses in Wake Forest, it’s becoming a truth that’s hard to ignore when you consider the facts: it just makes more sense to outsource the IT department completely and work with a Wake …

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IT Support Company Educates Wake Forest Businesses On Email Security

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Managed IT Service Provider in Wake Forest Shares Importance of Email Security For Businesses Email security in small and medium-sized companies is one of the areas that is often overlooked. But it’s essential to have it in place in the event of a cyber-attack. The vast majority of cyber attacks start with a phishing email.  Local managed IT service provider, …

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Are IT Support Services or Internal IT Staff the Best Option for Businesses in Wake Forest?

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Technology is a non-negotiable, inescapable part of today’s business environment. So whether a business uses outsourced IT support services, or an internal IT staff member or team, it is vital for businesses to have the support they need to ensure that the correct IT system for their business is implemented, that it is proactively managed, and that it provides security and continued uptime.