Mobile Computer Services Provides Advice on Narrowing Down IT Options

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Keeping a clear focus on client needs, Mobile Computer Services stands alongside small- to mid-sized Wake Forest-based companies to provide rapid-response IT support services. The IT company’s long-standing commitment to transparency for service rates and specifications keeps client companies ahead of the game. Mobile Computer Services handles managed IT needs as leading experts at flat, budget-friendly rates.

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Six Vital Questions to Ask When Choosing Managed IT Companies

#1: What types of IT support does the IT company offer?

Make the right investment. Few circumstances can frustrate a business owner more than discovering that their new service costs extra money while fixing nothing.

This first question stands right in line with the research that owners or CEOs/CTOs should do to determine their company’s weaknesses. Once they can diagnose current problems, they know to look for managed IT companies offering the types of managed IT services they need.

#2: How well does the IT company know my industry?

A search does not end just because a provider offers what a business needs and seems good at it. First, a prospective client should evaluate the real reputation of an IT company using this question. If the IT company lacks any industry knowledge and any similar clients, red flags should go up.

Second, a managed IT service provider that knows a particular industry can further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a client’s services. This benefit can manifest itself in many ways, such as excluding extraneous information from reports and labeling data with industry-specific jargon.

#3: What would my contract and pricing with this IT company look like?

Be sure to always read the fine print or have it explained in clear terms. On the flip side, a reputable managed IT service provider should show a willingness to inform a potential client about every detail they want or need to know. 

Furthermore, some companies use low introductory pricing to attract new clients who do not ask this question. In the worst-case scenario, a client may see a jump in their rate after the first billing cycle that will last until the end of the contract.

#4: How does the IT company implement technological and industry advancements?

Leading companies will not stagnate. Innovations in technology and industry practices regularly emerge, requiring managed IT companies to maintain constant attention and effort to stay ahead of the competition.

Also, the IT provider should implement change in a way that does not compromise the integrity of a client’s ongoing managed IT solutions. For example, the onset of the COVID-19 crisis galvanized responsive action from Mobile Computer Services to help clients adjust to the new situation.

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#5: Does a client company need on-site equipment?

A prospective client for managed IT needs to become familiar with the practices of some managed IT companies. In some cases, an IT company may require the purchase and installation of new equipment that could come out of the client’s pocket.

#6: What are the terms of the IT company’s SLA?

A Service Level Agreement represents a provider’s commitment to ongoing, dependable service and outlines what will happen if service becomes interrupted. A client should not see any commitment lower than 99.99% uptime, representing about 52 minutes of downtime throughout an entire year.

Prospective clients searching “managed IT companies near me” will experience top-notch managed IT solutions and service from Mobile Computer Services, which may be reached by calling (919) 230-2900 for the Wake Forest Office.

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