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Outsourcing to a Managed IT Services Provider Can Benefit Wake Forest SMBs

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Almost all companies have some need for IT support and services, but most can’t afford the high costs of hiring IT staff to work in-house. For companies considering the alternatives, working with a managed IT services provider in Wake Forest can reduce IT costs as well as offering a number of other benefits.

1. Leveraged Experience

Employing a single IT professional or a small in-house team means that the business is limited in the expertise that it can draw upon in the event of a tech issue. In-house staff will need to be constantly trained at considerable cost and, even then, they might still struggle to keep up with specialized IT companies that offered managed services.

Unless the business can afford to hire industry-leading IT professionals, it is going to suffer. In most cases, a young, inexperienced IT graduate will be hired but, because they lack the experience and mentoring, they’re going to try different things that may or may not work. In contrast, outsourcing IT activities gives the business access to IT professionals who have the skills, training, and experience to meet the needs of the business.

It can be tempting to save costs in this area but think of the worst-case scenarios that could happen and most business owner’s quickly realize that it is almost always cheaper and less risky to outsource IT services to a professional company that does nothing but IT support and Managed IT services. A business’s data is it’s most important asset as should be prioritized accordingly.

2. Risk Reduction

Downtime is expensive, and an IT services provider can help to streamline and stabilize the IT processes, reducing the risk of downtime and in many cases, preventing incidents that would result in downtime.

Reducing risk in a company is important as it allows owners and managers to focus on turning a profit. But to minimize network, computer and data security risks takes specialized procedures and management. Outsourced IT professionals can protect a business from attacks with an actively managed firewall and stringent security protocols along with 24x7 computer and server monitoring.

Consider the costs of downtime for your business and compare it to the cost of hiring an IT company to manage the business’s IT – suddenly those costs look like a great deal.

3. Lower, More Predictable, Costs

Proactively choosing to work with managed IT service providers will save a lot of money in the long-run. First, in addition to being more effective, it’s also a lot more affordable than managing IT in-

house along with all the costs that come with employees, training and turnover. Secondly, it also ensures that the business is prepared in the event of an IT emergency, such as a hacked network or wide-spread software malfunction. When this happens, assistance is needed immediately; the costs can mount up quickly to the point where it can use up an entire year’s IT budget in a single incident not handled timely with fast resolution.

A monthly contract with an outsourced IT company will prevent issues from happening with proactive network monitoring, as well as providing the necessary assistance at a set budget if something does happen. A fixed monthly fee makes it easy to put into the operating budget and avoid unexpected costs which can easily cripple a small business.

4. Stay Up-to-Date and Innovate

New technology almost always requires new learning, and a business’s IT requirements may cover a wide range of services, including cloud storage, internet connectivity, and network firewalls all of which are services offered by different vendors. These services are essential for the smooth running of a business but can be confusing to navigate, especially if something goes wrong. An outsourced IT specialist will resolve issues quickly and efficiently, allowing staff to focus on their core job functions.

Outsourced IT professionals will also help introduce new software and technology as it becomes available to further streamline the operations of the business. Mobile Computer Services in Wake Forest offers IT support services to local businesses offering IT consulting, network services, security, and more.

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