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5 Reasons to Work with a Managed IT Service Provider in Raleigh

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How often is the technology set up of a company evaluated? In today’s competitive environment it’s no longer enough to say ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Just because that’s the way that it’s always been done, doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution. As new technology continues to evolve in the business environment, it’s important to work with a managed IT company who understands the company and the local business environment and the ever-changing IT support needs that businesses face on a regular basis.

Complacency can cause business owners to stay with a solution longer than they should. To avoid critical downtime and outages in your IT infrastructure, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

An IT Support Specialist Should Care About the Business

When meeting with a managed IT company, they should be interested in the business because they’ll be responsible for keeping it safe from cyberattacks, malware, viruses and hardware malfunctions. Working with a local IT provider can greatly help as they understand the local business environment as well as the company’s specific needs, and will look to make active improvements in the way that technology works for the company.

It should be easy to get in touch with them, they should offer quick responses to queries, there should be a single phone number to call when an issue comes up, and they should be able to quickly grasp the issue at hand and be able to offer solutions quickly to alleviate costly downtime.

They Need to Be Small Enough to Care, and Large Enough to Get Things Done

IT service providers with hundreds of employees tend to lose the personal touch, which is essential for feeling that they have the needs of the business as their first priority. Trust is an important part of any relationship, but possibly even more so when you enlist the help of a managed IT company to look after the online security and technology of a company.

An IT services company that has grown too large may have other priorities and lose the ability to be flexible and respond quickly when issues come up. In addition, they typically have long wait times and an impersonal service that makes it difficult to get even the simplest things done.

Mobile Computer Services, Inc. keeps these 2 dynamics in mind for all clients. MCS boasts an industry-leading 3 minute response time guarantee and prides itself on delivering a 5-star IT support experience for each and every valued customer.

Stay Ahead of the Tech Trend

Moving to a company that specializes in IT service management means keeping up to date with the latest technology. Where IT administrators working alone may struggle to keep up without a support team in place, an outsourced IT provider has the tools and training to manage a modern network that involves a plan to proactively manage security, backups, communication, and updates. It is no

longer realistic to have a single person monitoring a company’s tech systems; it’s imperative to have a plan in place and a team to execute that plan.

Understand What the IT Support Specialist Offers

In many cases, clients don’t know what they’re paying for. A provider should be able to explain clearly and succinctly what services they are providing and why they add value to the business. The provider should be transparent about what they do and be able to explain it in a way that makes sense.

Mobile Computer Services, Inc. in Raleigh, NC is a specialized IT company offering outsourcing solutions for computer support and IT services to customers in the Greater Triangle Area. In addition to offering an extensive range of services, they are also focused on delivering a personalized, hands-on solution for their clients with an industry-leading 3 minute response time guarantee. They want their clients to understand the services that they’ve signed up for, and how those services are working to keep the business secure as well as providing a tech solution that fosters growth.

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