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Are IT Support Services or Internal IT Staff the Best Option for Businesses in Wake Forest?

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Technology is a non-negotiable, inescapable part of today’s business environment. So whether a business uses outsourced IT support services, or an internal IT staff member or team, it is vital for businesses to have the support they need to ensure that the correct IT system for their business is implemented, that it is proactively managed, and that it provides security and continued uptime.

A slow network, unforeseen outages, or security issues can have a serious, negative impact on the productivity of a business and their ability to service customers effectively. In turn, this has an impact on the company’s bottom line.

Since technology forms an integral, expensive part of most companies, it’s important to make an informed decision when choosing managed IT services or to keep them inhouse.

What to Expect with Internally Managed IT

For most businesses, this will mean having a single go-to person for any tech or IT-related issues. They’ll address any issues that come up, but may not be proactively working towards developing robust systems that will ensure that the business is secure and will continue to function optimally into the future.

In addition, it is likely that highly qualified IT professionals may have their time tied up with small IT fixes and user-issues, preventing them from making the bigger changes that are needed. They’re likely to be intimately familiar with the systems that the business uses, but that may keep them from viewing the technology solutions objectively, causing the business to fall behind as newer, more efficient technologies become available. 

Another cause for concern is the cost of an internal IT department. An experienced IT professional will come with a high price tag, often upwards of $60,000 per year. This is a large expense to incur, and it may not be the only costs that the IT department incurs if they are not able to handle all the IT issues resulting in outsourcing in some cases. Factor in continued training and the cost of replacing them if they resign (which is a real risk with IT professionals being in such high demand) and the expenses begin to mount up quickly. And all this is without taking into account the IT equipment and software that they will need to do their job properly.

How IT Support Services Differ

With IT support services, the costs are predictable. The company can choose the services that they need for a fixed monthly fee. This saves money on software, unexpected overhead expenses and staff turnover.  It also frees up company employees to focus on meeting business goals rather than sorting out their own internal IT-related issues. 

The business will also benefit from access to the latest technology at no extra cost. As objective IT service providers, they will source and utilize the best brands to ensure that their customers have a bespoke solution that is a good match for their needs. These solutions will be selected to cover all aspects of the business from cloud-based backups, remote monitoring and management and, importantly, the latest network security protocols. This research and implementation would otherwise need to be done by the business owner or a hired internal staff member.

With outsourced IT services, the business has access to industry veterans and a larger team so that IT issues can always be handled efficiently as there are back-up professionals in place, rather than relying on a single in-house person. The training and certifications are also handled by the managed IT company, rather than being another unexpected expense that the company needs to incur.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on the needs of the business. Computer support and services professionals, Mobile Computer Solutions in Wake Forest, NC specializes in helping businesses make the move from managing IT internally, to an externally managed solution offering hand-on support, and round the clock monitoring. 

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