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The 4 Top Benefits of Outsourcing to a Managed IT Services Provider for Businesses in Wake Forest

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One of the top reasons that a small to medium-sized business choose to outsource their IT requirements to a managed IT services provider in Wake Forest NC is to reduce the stress of trying to keep up with the technological advances and security requirements of running a business. Balancing hardware, software and increasingly complex networks can be difficult to maintain inhouse, but they are vital to the continued, ongoing operations of the business.

The staff members need to be able to send and receive emails. They need to be able to reliably backup up their work and they need access to the latest technology to stay ahead of competitors. And then on top of this, businesses still need to take into account the need for robust security, anti-virus protection, server monitoring and more.

When the scope of the requirements is taken into account, it seems less feasible that a small business can successfully and efficiently run its own IT department. Especially if one considers the investment in IT talent and constant training that is needed, as well as the infrastructure, money and time that staying up to date with technology entails.

These are the top reasons that outsourcing an IT department to an experienced provider is going to benefit a company:

1. Free Up Resources

The core competencies of a business are the most important areas to focus on. By outsourcing a vital yet non-core function such as IT to a company offering managed services, it is easier to put resources into the areas that will help the business to grow and become more successful.

2. Control (& Often Reduce) Costs

Managed IT support services work on a set monthly fee. This allows the business to forecast expenditures as they do not fluctuate. The costs of running an in-house IT department therefore, far outweigh the costs of outsourcing, taking into account economies of scale and the efficiencies that come with expertise in a specific area of business.

Additionally, while working with an IT service provider such as Mobile Computer Services in Wake Forest, it is possible to rent hardware including laptops, desktops, and servers (referred to as Hardware as a Service – HaaS) which allows the business to control and predict hardware expenditure.

3. Stay Up-to-Date with Access to the Latest Technology and Expertise

Certified, experienced managed IT companies bring their industry-leading expertise to a business so that the business has access to the latest technologies, as well as fresh insights on the best ways to make technology work for the business. The staff at a managed IT company is constantly upskilling and training to ensure that they’re comfortable with the newest software and hardware as it enters the market. For example, they have an approach to migration from Windows Server 2008.

4. Get 24/7 Constant Proactive Monitoring and Management

To ensure that a business is continually secured against new threats requires 24/7 monitoring. For companies that manage their IT in-house, the costs can quickly escalate if employees need to be available every hour of the day, throughout the year. A managed IT solution will ensure that those systems are constantly monitored, can foresee serious issues before they occur, and can minimize downtime in the event of a cyberattack.

Mobile Computer Services is a managed IT service provider in Wake Forest, NC, offering a range of IT support services to businesses. In an increasingly competitive technological environment, they offer 27/7 proactive monitoring and management of a company’s IT infrastructure and comprehensive care for network and systems. All support is provided by certified professionals with many years of experience in providing IT support services. Whether you’re looking for IT consulting, IT security, or business continuity planning, they’re available to assist.

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