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Managed IT Services and VoIP Solutions for Raleigh Business Owners

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Forget outdated copper wires and traditional telephones, VoIP is a flexible cloud-based solution that allows businesses to make phone calls anytime, anywhere using a computer or device with an internet connection. For small and medium businesses that have been looking at this for their company communications, but are concerned about the cost implications, a managed IT services provider can help with a bespoke, affordable solution. In almost all scenarios, a VoIP solution saves businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars over traditional phone services.

VoIP is a phone service that’s delivered over the internet. It is the technology used to convert a user’s voice into a digital signal, allowing users to make calls directly from a computer, VoIP phone or a data-driven device, such as a mobile phone. Other terminology used to describe VoIP includes: IP telephony, broadband telephony, internet telephony or broadband phone service.

How VoIP Works

VoIP technology uses packet-switched protocols which puts voice signals into packets (like an electronic envelope) and transmits these packets over any VoIP-compatible network. In this way, the technology allows for traditional telephone services to operate over computer networks. It is much more efficient and as such allows for more information to be carried over the network. It offers advanced applications that allow a company to respond quickly to changes as well as enhancing the productivity of staff members.

A good VoIP solution will unify the communications of a business – including phone calls, voice mail, email, web conferences and more and deliver them to employees via their handset, or to their mobile phone. A managed IT services provider will take the time to understand your business’s specific requirements and will develop a VoIP solution to fulfil these requirements.

The Advantages of Using VoIP

The three main benefits to using VoIP include lower call costs, flexible features and service mobility, and the simplification of conference calls. A managed IT services provider will be able to give you a more comprehensive outline of the top benefits.

Lower Cost per Call

Using traditional lines, when a call is placed, that line is taken up by those two callers. Since there is a limit on how many lines can be installed, calls (especially if they are long-distance) are expensive. Using VoIP which works over an internet connection to relay call data which makes domestic and international calls a lot cheaper.

Flexible Features and Service Mobility

VoIP allows for productivity on the go. For employees that are often on the road, for example, they could read voicemail-to-text transcriptions in their email inbox, forward messages and voicemails to be actioned by a colleague. Many features can be added according to the needs of a particular business, and there are no physical limitations.

Simplified Conference Calls

Because calls are made using a converged data network rather than dedicated phone lines, the creation of (and participation in) conference calls is made that much easier.

Rather than having to pay for the additional functionality of being able to host multiple callers for a conference, employees can use the already-included conference call service. Video conferencing is also easier, allowing staff members to communicate face to face with colleagues and clients wherever they are.

How Mobile Computer Services Can Help

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Competing against larger companies can be a challenge without the rights tools. Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh offers managed IT services for small to medium businesses at an affordable price. Their range of services includes VoIP system implementation giving smaller businesses access to enterprise-level telecommunications systems. These systems have top of the range features and optional add-ons that until now have not been available for smaller companies due to their high price point.

VoIP systems from Mobile Computer Services deliver peace of mind through reliable, quick connections and high-quality audio and video for conferencing. VoIP offers savings on costly phone bills, as well as enhancing productivity and communications.

Mobile Computer Services offers computer support and managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses looking to outsource their IT requirements. As a managed IT service provider, in addition to VoIP services, they offer a full range of IT outsourcing including network services, business continuity planning, IT consulting, security, office moves, email protection, and hardware as a service.

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