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Managed IT Services and Security Options to Protect Your Wake Forest Dental Practice

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As cyber threats
become more complex and potentially catastrophic,
managed IT services has important applications for dental practices, and
practice managers/owners need to weigh their options for how they want to
protect their data, especially with the constant moving target of HIPAA

For dentists and multi-location dental practices, the potential cost of an IT security
breach can be very damaging. To this point, Mobile Computer Services offers
Wake Forest businesses and dental practices peace of mind with their effective,
customizable managed IT solutions, sometimes referred to as “Managed Services”
or “Managed IT Services.” Their 5-star service track record is based on many
years of working with dentists and practice owners. One of the most important
services that they offer is their network and hardware security services for
dentists who take network and data security seriously.

Managed IT Services for Cloud-Based Business Environments

There are two key points to look at when
understanding and taking steps to mitigate security threats to a practice:
business operations are moving to the cloud and
small businesses like dental practices are particularly vulnerable to data
breaches, website hack attempts and other security related threats and risks.

Managed IT Security Services Help Prevent Breaches

Increasingly practices are moving their operations online and to the cloud that is coming with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) which enables more and more smart devices to be connected to the web – each of which is another potential entry point for hackers.

At the same time, security breaches are becoming more serious, as well as being more difficult to detect. In CDW’s Cybersecurity Insight Report, 25% of the known security breaches have had a significant impact on the company’s ability to continue operations as well as the cost of bad publicity and damage caused to clients. Working with a managed IT company that offers an end-to-end computer security service can help mitigate this risk.

HIPAA Compliance in the Managed IT Services Industry

Many small businesses think that their size
will protect them because they’re not profitable enough to be a target. But the
converse is true; hackers are attracted
to smaller businesses because their size
means that they are often seen as soft
targets. This is especially true for
dentists where data protection including ePHI and HIPAA compliance in a dental
practice is essential.

This means that installing an off-the-shelf anti-virus and hoping for
the best can no longer be considered a good enough option.  This is
because, in addition to the increased number of attacks (61%
of small and medium-sized businesses
have had at least one attack in the last 12 months), the nature of the cyber
attacks is increasing in the degree of its malevolence.
A managed IT services provider like Mobile Computer Services in Wake Forest can
partner with your dental practice to ensure that you are protected.

How Practices Can Respond: Outsourced IT Security Services

Most small and medium-size businesses do not have the IT security staff needed to
manage their online security effectively but most also don’t need a full-time
employee dedicated to the IT services management role. This makes the option of outsourcing to a managed service provider
a good choice. It is a challenging job description to fulfill in-house, and business demands mean that the function of
security management is often pushed to the bottom of the pile when new network
and data projects arise. A properly trained IT service technician with HIPAA
compliance expertise can easily cost $5000-7000 per month for a full-time
employee. At Mobile Computer Services, we save our valued clients hundreds to
thousands of dollars each month with our Managed IT Services outsourcing

Choosing a Managed Service Provider for IT Security

When deciding who to work with, partner with a managed IT service provider
that understands your business model, who will develop a comprehensive security
plan for your practice and has experience working with the technology that your
business uses. A dental practice has a number of online systems that will require an
IT partner who is familiar with them and with thus offer a managed IT solution
that is perfectly suited to your practice and to help maintain strict
compliance with HIPAA. Each business has its
own set of particular security vulnerabilities which means that your IT
services provider should take the time to understand your business and the
different technologies that are used. The
IT provider that you choose should be able to suggest policies and security
procedures, a disaster recovery strategy, as well as auditing and compliance
that is relevant to your business. The technology that a dental practice uses
is specific, and each managed It company
will have experience with different technologies. Choose one that has
experience with your technology who will be able to give recommendations for
improvements and additions that will work well with your current setup.

Computer Services in Wake Forest
is a managed IT service provider offering
a full suite of computer and network security
service options including anti-virus and internet protection, wireless network
security and data protection along with hardware and computer-related services.
They also offer support for computer and PC security, virus removal and
intrusion blocking, data disaster recovery, data backup and mobile device
management services.

They provide specialized managed IT services for
dentists, and dental practices have many
years of experience as a managed dental
IT security service provider. In addition,
they can offer network services, business continuity planning, IT consulting,
VoIP, office moves, email protection, and
hardware (HaaS) as a service for your practice.

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