Lorena R.

Mobile Computer Services, Inc.

“Thanks to Mobile Computer Services, we have no more down time and the computers work faster than before,” said Lorena R., Office Manager of Triangle Veterinary Hospital.

She continued, “We used to work with computers that were not appropriately set up and installed. We had slow and sometimes limited connectivity to the Internet resulting in a lot of down time sometimes making it impossible for us to work.

Mobile Computer Services came in and changed that in very short notice.

They worked with us on a weekend, cleaned things up, installed appropriate protection to our systems and had us up and running in no time!

Now, we have almost no downtime. The few times we had to call them with a question, the response was always very quick.

When asked what she likes most about our service and support, Lorena said, “They have a very quick response time and always provide knowledgeable assistance.”

“I would recommend Mobile Computer Services to anyone who needs computer or network support. Our experience with them is that they are very dependable and have a very fast response time.”

Lorena R.
Office Manager
Triangle Veterinary Hospital