IT Red Flags to Watch Out For and How a Managed IT Service Provider Can Help

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As a business owner and the primary decision-maker for your company, you’re juggling a lot of balls. You’re responsible for driving the growth of your business, maintaining good relationships with clients and stepping in to get the job done when things slip through the cracks.

With so much going on, it’s easy to overlook IT issues that need to be addressed quickly and decisively. If you’re struggling to stay on top of things, your IT (computers, devices, internet, network, servers and more) is one thing that can easily be outsourced to amanaged IT service provider and, when done correctly, will offer peace of mind as well as delivering a service that is more robust and effective than you would be able to manage yourself.


IT red flags that you should be watching out for include:

1. Strange pop-ups that you don’t recognize and haven’t opted-in for - your managed IT service provider can immediately address any malware problem

These can happen at any time if your system has been infected. They could show on your screen if you’re trying to access a spreadsheet or document and prevent you from opening the file directly. Instead, you may have to click on a series of pop-ups that could take you to a malicious site. These pop-ups are an indication of malware in your system. 

2. An ad-ware ambush when your browser has been hijacked - your managed IT service provider can remove ad-ware that could do further damage to your system

These are pop-ups that show up on your browser when you don’t expect them while using the internet. Ahijacked browser will continue showing online ads and are dangerous as a single errant click could have you downloading additional malware to your computer, which has the potential to infect your whole IT network.

3. When you receive spam emails sent from your company’s official email address - get an encrypted email security service from your IT service provider

Email viruses are usually downloaded by a staff member, and the downloaded file then replicates across the network using email. Here, the victim'semail security is penetrated, and the viruses typically access the email contact list and send emails to all contacts.

4. Issues where software and hardware aren’t working properly - your managed IT service provider will provide all support needed to quickly fix any software and hardware problem

It’s normal to experience glitches every now and again, but if processes and programs that used to work properly are now continually failing, it’s a sign that malware has infected the computer(s) and/or the network. If the problem seems to be escalating, it may mean that the virus is spreading and infecting more and more files.

All this is a lot to keep on top of and it’s difficult to constantly monitor the health of your computer as well as everyone else’s in the office. Sometimes issues creep in slowly so you don’t immediately catch a machine that’s operating sub-optimally or a program that simply doesn’t work anymore. And, even if you do notice these red flags, it may already be too late.

The cost of a malware infection may be significant both in terms of time to resolve it as well as the financial cost of hiring an expert to get to the root of the issue. A managed IT service provider is, therefore, an excellent preventative solution as they actively manage your entire network, identifying and removing issues before they have a chance to damage the company’s system.


Mobile Computer Services in Wake Forest, NC is a managed IT company that offers its clients a flat-rate maintenance plan that proactively monitors your network, significantly reduces downtime and reduces expensive repair costs. Their IT services give local business owners access to a knowledgeable, experienced IT service, at a rate far lower than the cost of an in-house IT department. They have the expertise to prevent issues before they occur thanks to round-the-clock active monitoring and ongoing maintenance.

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