How Dental Practices Can Gain an Advantage Through Dental IT Services

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Data or information is the heartbeat of business in a world driven by data. The dental office is a prime example of a data-dependent environment. How a dental practice manages its data directly influences office processes, team demeanor, the customer journey, and profitability. An excellent dental IT management solution will improve overall office process efficiencies, enhance and preserve team harmony, promote a positive and pleasant customer journey, and increase and protect profitability. A well-run dental practice gains a competitive advantage, but a dental practice cannot operate well without a solid managed IT service provider. The IT solution must also feature a 24/7 IT management support component.

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Most dental practices are unable to maintain a dental office IT support expert. Even if an office were able to staff a full-time IT manager, it is unlikely that one person would be able to stay fully informed about the latest IT industry issues and advancements. Securing the services of a local IT management provider with a specialization in dental practice IT software, network, hardware, and cybersecurity is a superior solution.

Dental offices require managed IT services that provide HIPAA compliance, operational efficiency, software services, network services, hardware repair and maintenance, cybersecurity, VoIP, and many other dental specific needs essentials for modern dental practices. Imaging, accounting, patient processing, and the entire spectrum of dental office software applications fall under the umbrella of IT managed services.

Mobile Computer Services, Inc. of Raleigh offers a spectrum of IT services designed specifically for a dental practice. The team manages the IT needs of the dental office, so the dentist can focus on helping patients. Mobile Computer Services, Inc. provides managed IT services, network services, business continuity planning, IT consulting for dentists, IT security, on-demand services, office moves, VoIP, email protection, and hardware as a service.

Mobile Computer Services, Inc. has assisted many dental practices in the Raleigh area in the implementation of the necessary protocols to ensure HIPAA compliance. They ensure that communications systems, patient information collection, data transmission, and records storage and maintenance processes include the specific steps required for HIPAA compliance.  Don’t just take our word for it, see what MCS customers say here.

The priority of Mobile Computer Services, Inc. is the continuous, smooth, flawless operation of the dentist’s practice. 24/7 proactive monitoring and management of a practice’s IT systems are the key feature of the company’s service menu. Their managed IT services for dentists include designing and installing new systems or maintaining older systems that are already in place. Their wide range of services can be tailored to fit needs ranging from remote desktop support to in-person computer support at the dental practice.

Network Services

Skilled, qualified technicians deliver comprehensive care for the dental IT network. The competent team ensures no loss of critical information or productivity.

Business Continuity Planning

Technical issues occasionally emerge. Having the correct systems and backups in place eliminates worry and brings peace of mind to the conscientious dentist. With Mobile Computer Services, Inc., a dental practice has access to state-of-the-art back-up and data restoration systems. Active management of all relevant systems coupled with proactive steps to mitigate risks safeguards dental offices that have secured IT management services and support from Mobile Computer Services, Inc.

IT Consulting for Dentists

A professional consult brings expert insights into dental IT services. Consultants know the systems and hardware required to enable the dental practice to function at optimum performance.

IT Security for Dentists

Document security and safety is a critical need for every dental practice. The legal complications of a data breach can be expensive to mediate, and full compliance with HIPAA is a non-negotiable for a dental practice. One of the functions of a dental IT management team is to mitigate the risk of a cyber-attack on a practice. Mobile Computer Services, Inc. can deploy a robust cybersecurity solution that safeguards data and protects dental practices against damage and security breaches.

On-Demand Services for Dental Practices

Peace of mind accompanies the knowledge that a support team is on call around the clock and available to repair malfunctioning technology and broken computers. Clients only pay for the support they need.

Office Moves

With the growth in the economy, some dentists are expanding at their current location or moving to a larger location. Flexible, customizable cabling solutions can be configured to accommodate expansion or a move. Competent assistance with the move or expansion means that the technology infrastructure will be in place on time and will be functional according to plan.


Implementation of a VoIP system protects dental practice from becoming obsolete. The VoIP solutions from Mobile Computer Services, Inc. provide high-quality audio as well as conferencing capabilities. Dentists can reduce phone bills, improve communications with clients, and increase the productivity of staff with VoIP.

Email Protection

Email protection is an area often neglected by dental practices, yet it is one of the primary ways that customers interact with the office. Emails are a prime target of cyber-attacks. The cyber specialists at Mobile Computer Services, Inc. build an email infrastructure designed to ensure business continuity while remaining completely secure and infection-free.

Hardware as a Service for Dental Practices

The cost of new hardware can be staggering. Over time, operating systems and hardware components become outdated and need replacing. HaaS (hardware as a service) provides dental practice with the equipment, accessories, and support needed at an affordable price point.

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For more information about the IT support specialist Raleigh dentists trust for cybersecurity. The team can be contacted by phone at (919) 830-9448.

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