5 Reasons that an In-House IT Team is Becoming an Outdated Concept in Wake Forest

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Across the US, and even globally, companies are moving away from an in-house IT person to a solution that offers Managed IT Services. For small and medium-sized businesses in Wake Forest, it’s becoming a truth that’s hard to ignore when you consider the facts: it just makes more sense to outsource the IT department completely and work with a Wake Forest managed IT services provider.

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There are 5 instant benefits for SMB’s that outsource their IT, including:

Improved Budgeting and Real Cost Savings

Outsourced IT offers more control over their budget as it’s now possible to identify the IT needs and pay for IT “on-demand”. There is no need to pay an annual salary, factor in vacation time or benefits. A managed IT solution allows the company to pay for technology-related services and projects that add value and provide solutions rather than allocating IT to a cost center. 

In addition, much of the management and human capital management can be reallocated as the time for recruiting, hiring, and training happens only once in a while, and not every time that a new employee joins the team. There is also no risk of a bad hire that isn’t able to do the job or leaves after only a few months.

Experienced Professional Across Different Projects

Certifications are important, but in the IT field, they quickly become outdated. Experience is much more valuable – and that’s where a managed IT company is able to offer more than an in-house IT department. An in-house IT team might not have experience as their role has a limited project scope. And if it’s a one-person IT department, they might not be able to learn and grow in their experience. 

This is in comparison to an outsourced IT team that works on many different projects, and in an environment where they are constantly learning from their peers as well as from the different organizations that they assist. 

New Technology Can be Implemented Right Away

Implementing a new system led by an in-house team can be fraught with issues as they often have limited or no experience in the new software. This means that the planning and implementation of the project can be drawn out over weeks and even months. It could also lead to additional expenses as experts may need to be called in.

With a managed services provider, an outsourced IT project doesn’t face the same challenges and new technology projects can be implemented quickly and more affordably, and with a lot less frustration. 

A Renewed Focus on Business and Growth

SMBs are limited in the number of employees that they can afford to keep on staff. Outsourcing the work that would usually be done by a higher-salaried IT professional creates time and resources that can be allocated to other areas of the business.  

A Big Boost to Security and Compliance

There’s a good chance that an in-house IT team isn’t staying on top of all aspects of the company’s network. They should be auditing workstations and servers, developing and updating a back-up recovery plan, and taking proactive steps to improve cybersecurity. But when the team is pulled in so many different directions, they’re probably not getting to these vital tasks. A managed IT services provider can reduce the burden on your employees and offer protection for company systems using their sophisticated processes that have already been developed and rigorously tested.

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Mobile Computer Services in Wake Forest, NC, is at the forefront of cybersecurity and offers a range of important services that allow business owners to outsource their IT with complete peace of mind. Get in touch today to discuss your company’s IT needs!

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