Katy Rosenbaum

Mobile Computer Services, Inc.

AIEA had been headquartered at Duke University for several years before they decided to move off campus. This office move would force them to go from having every service they need available on campus by Duke to them now being fully responsible for all their business needs. It was in this time of high frustration and anxiety, that Curtis and MCS was referred to AIEA.

“MCS has been wonderful to work with for our office transition. Responsive and professional -- highly recommend,” Katy said.

As the non-profit began vetting IT companies, they met with several and even asked for references. They ultimately chose MCS even though our prices were a bit higher than others they met with.

When Curtis asked them why those chose to pay more by choosing MCS, they said it was our 14 years of experience, quality service, and response time that were all VERIFIED by our references and current customers.

AIEA is now successfully housed in their new headquarters enjoying a VPN solution that allows them to access their data and files securely from anywhere in the world. They have properly maintained Apple Mac computers and a consistent “Price for Life” technology budget that their Board of Directors can rely on!

Katy Rosenbaum
Association of International Education Administrators