Brian T

Mobile Computer Services, Inc.

From the first call, MCS was responsive and made our service options clear. We had a tech failure occur while we were deciding on the correct business relationship and Kara treated us like we had been customers for 20 years, making sure that we were operational as quickly as possible!

We were facing a relocation of a dispatch office and call center on a tight schedule. Once we decided on our service tier, MCS walked us through pre-planning, new equipment selection and preparation steps to make the move appear seamless to our customers. Then, they executed the plan as it had been prepared. It is rare that the technical side of a relocation can be the smoothest part of a move.

We have had zero down time since the move other than from utility providers. Post-move follow up calls to handle loose ends were handled promptly. With their support, we view our IT infrastructure as a dependable asset rather than an unpredictable liability.

If you are looking for a new IT vendor, talk to whomever you want, but make sure that you include MCS in your vendor selection process.

Brian T.
Smith Exterminating Company, Inc.