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IT management and cybersecurity require a comprehensive strategy and constant attention.  Threats are ever-present, and hackers are adapting and adjusting to perfect their cyber mischief. Mobile Computer Services, Inc. of Wake Forest is available as a resource for website hosting and cybersecurity solutions, along with full-service managed IT solutions. The services include network services, business continuity planning, IT consulting, cybersecurity, on-demand services, office moves, VoIP, email protection, and HaaS (Hardware as a Service).

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Key features of the web hosting service include:

  • Optimized cybersecurity strategies to thwart lurking cyberattacks
  • Password and device safety
  • Domain-based business-class email instead of a free service like Yahoo or Gmail

Web hosting services without comprehensive cybersecurity strategies leave a business vulnerable and can result in a cyber disaster, which may cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. A hacked website can devastate a business, whether large or small. Nearly 60% of malware attacks are aimed at small businesses. Losing customer trust, website files, or search engine rankings is the last thing a busy small business owner needs to worry about.

Most cyberattacks are carried out by automated bots that crawl the web looking for vulnerable sites without considering the size or popularity of a business. No website is immune to a hacker attack. A bot can attempt to hack any website at any time, so security features are essential for every site.

Websites hosted by Mobile Computer Services, Inc. have access to a variety of security features already. Before considering a security upgrade, make sure to take care of the basics listed below.

Choose strong passwords and usernames

The easier a password is to guess, the more susceptible it is to being hacked. Components of a strong password include:

  • Contains at least ten characters
  • Uses both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Includes symbols such as asterisks, parentheses, and numbers
  • Does not use common words like “password”
  • Is not tied to known information about the user, like a last name or date of birth

Avoid common usernames like “Admin,” “Administrator,” or the name of the business. Instead, choose something personally meaningful but not obvious to a stranger.

Prevent brute force attacks

Coming up with strong passwords can be a challenge, which is why brute force protection is so important. Brute force attacks take place when a hacker or bot attempts to guess the correct username/password combination for a website’s admin dashboard. Automated software accelerates the process tremendously, up to several thousand attempts a second. Inquire about an MCS-hosted website with security features that can block these login attempts.

Use two-factor authentication to access the company website

Secure authentication provides an extra layer of security to a website login. After entering the website username and password, a code is sent to the user’s cell phone. The user will then have to input that code in order to access the dashboard.

Instead of just requiring a user to know the password, it requires a phone in their possession. Even if hackers or bots can identify a username and password, they will not be able to access the website without also having the user’s phone.

Two-factor authentication is incredibly effective. Google found that sending a code to a phone number blocks 100% of automated bots, 96% of bulk phishing attacks, and 76% of targeted attacks.

Use domain-based business-class emails instead of a free email service

Using domain-based business-class emails impacts brand value and cybersecurity.A business cannot distinguish itself as a business brand with an email ID like companyname@gmail.com. Anything less than a domain-based email looks unprofessional and fails to make a positive first impression with colleagues and customers.

Without the professionalism and credibility that a domain-based email lends to a business, customer trust is compromised. Most spammers and frauds also use a free email service.

Using a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo makes it easier for hackers and scammers to steal or compromise a company’s identity. Anybody can create an email ID on any free mail platform. By creating a mail ID with a business name with slight variations such as company-name@gmail.com, frauds can irreparably harm a business.

A business that uses a free email service instead of a domain-based business-class email has not positioned itself as well as it could. Using a free email service for a business is like having a well-known business at a great location (company domain name) with a well-developed infrastructure (company website) but using a nearby telephone booth (free email) for communication needs. When a business uses a free email service, it cannot be regarded as a reliable business by customers, competitors, or Google.

The benefits of having a domain-based business-class email include:

  • Offers instant recognition and branding
  • Promotes the business brand
  • Conveys trustworthiness and integrity
  • Communicates size and organization
  • Looks more professional and earns credibility

Free email service providers offer nominal security and privacy features which expose critical business data to serious risk. Having emails on a private domain makes communication and confidential data more secure because many additional security measures can be utilized.

A domain-based business-class email is like a direct line specially installed to serve business communication needs while distinguishing the business as trustworthy, reliable, and professional.

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Mobile Computer Services, Inc. offers these basic recommendations as a starting point for improving business IT management and cybersecurity. The web hosting resources complement the menu of services that the IT management company offers customers.

For more information about web hosting services, visit Mobile Computer Services, Inc. of Wake Forest on the web at www.ncmobilecomputerservices.com/locations/wake-forest. Contact the office by phone at (919) 230-2900.

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