Mobile Computer Services Shares the Importance of Cybersecurity in 2023

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Cybersecurity in 2023 - What to expect?

Over the years, due to technological advancements, cybersecurity has become a key topic of concern. Cybersecurity directly impacts client relationships. Also, fallouts and loopholes can cause huge penalties to the business. Due to these reasons, cybersecurity has become an organization-level topic of discussion and is no longer a job of the IT department alone. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Raleigh, talks about the trends in cybersecurity in 2023.

1. Supply Chain Risks

Businesses mostly have a set of third-party trusted vendors as a part of the supply chain. Attackers generally target these vendors to gain access to the larger business’s data and software. Thus supply chains are at risk of malware attacks, attacks on cloud infrastructure leading to Distributed denial of service (DDOS), and data loss. Organizations must be prepared to do a risk assessment of all third-party software and firmware in their supply chain to combat such situations.

2. IoT

Unlike a few years back, computers are not the only machines accessing the internet now. Smartwatches, smart TVs, and other innumerable household machines are connected to the internet and can be remotely controlled. As these machines are not designed to store sensitive data, they do not have a lot of security enforcement built into them. However, this becomes a loophole for attackers who use these machines to gain access to sensitive data on other devices in the same network. In 2023, the US government aims to roll out a labeling system for IoT to educate users about the possible security threats of the devices they buy.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI can be used to detect and respond to data breaches. As the number of cyber-attacks has increased a lot in recent years and the data on the internet has also increased exponentially, it becomes necessary to use AI/automated tools to keep a check on the data integrity. AI can be used to predict where the next attack will be based on the patterns.

Large vendors are attempting to streamline security by building CSMA (cybersecurity mesh architecture), which aims to create consolidated security dashboards, provide automation and AI tools, and work with security solutions from different vendors to bring them all under one umbrella.

A ZTA (Zero Trust Architecture) is also under development in which access is granted to a ZTA resource only if the calculated risk is less than a threshold. The ZTA will restrict users from having blanket administrative or guest access to servers and other resources.

4. Work From Home Threats

Post-pandemic hybrid work model is a challenge for the IT departments. Keeping office machines connected via different networks free of malware and spyware becomes a herculean task. Regular audits and updates become a must in this scenario. Random auditing of user activity also becomes necessary to spot abnormal behavior.

5. Social Engineering

The weakest link in the security landscape is people who easily fall prey to phishing attacks by giving away sensitive information such as bank account details. It is an excellent idea to provide security adherence training to employees regularly, which could help enforce basic practices such as using strong passwords and 2-factor authentication. Also, the sessions can inform people about the possible precautions to take while encountering the latest ransomware/spyware.

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