How is AI transforming Information technology?

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Artificial intelligence and its impact on Information technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

It is the foundation of multiple concepts, such as computing, software creation, and data transmission. The technologies that use AI are:

  1. Machine Learning, 
  2. Deep Learning, 
  3. Natural Language Generation, 
  4. Speech Recognition, 
  5. Robotics, and 
  6. Biometric Identification.

AI and information technology (IT) are evolving at a supersonic speed. AI is the catalyst that is enabling the IT industry to transform its systems and scale up functionalities. Automation and optimization are the core functionalities of AI in IT. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company, shares below a few applications of AI in information technology.

1. Data security

Every business has massive data that needs to be stored safely. Creating a secure system is a priority for an information system. The AI system enables this by developing an intelligent system that identifies threats and data breaches and offers instant precautions and solutions to address security-related issues.

2. Enhanced coding

An efficient and bug-free code lies at the heart of any system. An AI system uses a series of pre-designed algorithms that helps programmers write better code or overcome software bugs. This optimizes the development time by detecting and eliminating software bugs.

3. Process automation

AI integrated with deep learning networks automates the backend processes that reduce time and cost. The algorithms gradually learn from mistakes while performing tasks and automatically optimize the code for better functioning.

4. Quality assurance

AI predictive analytical tools can predict and anticipate the bugs and issues in an application during the development stage. These issues can be automatically and swiftly fixed using the right tools, making the development process smoother. Additionally, these predictive tools optimize storage and compute load balancing in real-time, enabling the team to oversee the operations from a higher level, minus the intensive labor. This delegation allows for better productivity and quality.

5. Sustainable and efficient

Data centers, even in a single mid-sized company, consume an enormous amount of power. While some of this consumption stems directly from servers’ compute and storage operations, much of it stems from data centers’ cooling functions. Striving for sustainability and energy efficiency, Google’s ongoing experiments with AI, for instance, yielded a 40 percent reduction in the amount of energy used for cooling. AI is the future when it comes to sustainability.

6. Better server optimization

AI can help optimize the host service and improve customer service and enhance the overall operations. AI and machine learning revolution can be used to monitor server performance, network congestions, and disk utilization that help detect and predict data outages. These enable enhanced data center infrastructure and the facilitation of more intelligent and automated data management. 

Benefits of integrating AI into a business

  1. Optimize the company’s processes: AI offers automatic reminders to departments, team members, and customers; monitors network traffic; and handles mundane and repetitive tasks that are time-consuming.  
  2. Personalize customer experience: From recommendations, answering questions, helping users find products, and more, AI can transform customer experience and boost business image and efficiency. 
  3. Give insight: AI can analyze large amounts of data, which can lead to strategic insights and business intelligence.
  4. Productivity and job creation: About 80% of tech leaders envision that AI would boost their productivity and create new jobs. 79% of executives say that AI will make their jobs easier and more efficient, while 36% see it as a means of saving time to be more creative. 

In its constant drive to offer a top-end experience to its clients, Mobile Computer Services, Inc. and its team are constantly updating their technology and processes, keeping pace with the world of AI and other developments.

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