“Have you restarted the device?”

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Why should devices be restarted regularly?

Technology is extremely important to everyday life now. People are increasingly spending more and more time on digital devices to get daily chores done. Laptops and computers have become indispensable parts of people’s lives. Hence the tendency to leave these devices on without rebooting or shutting them down is also very common. At the end of the day, it is a fact that these devices are machines and that they are prone to wear and tear. Mobile Computer Services, a professional IT services company in Raleigh, shares the importance of rebooting devices regularly. 

1. Improves performance

Performance can be impacted when computers have been running for a very long time. Common issues users face are: the opening of programs becomes slower, searches take longer than they should, functions such as drag and drop do not work, and the cursor gets stuck. These are indications that the system has become slow and needs  maintenance. When rebooted, the computer’s operating system and memory get a clean slate which helps to solve many such problems. 

Computers have many moving parts. The CPU, the computer’s brain, has a fan. High-end graphic cards also need cooling systems to work. Shutting a computer down for some time helps to increase their lifespan. The only devices specifically made for long-term uptime with minimal restarts are servers.  Even such servers require regular maintenance to ensure they run effectively for long periods without a reboot.

2. Helps to stop memory leaks

It is very common for users to run into problems with the programs or applications on their computers. Every task done on the computer takes up memory. More open applications consume more memory. When the machine has not been shut down for a long time, applications start to freeze. Most users close or force-quit the programs and reopen them to solve the problem. However, this may not release the whole memory used by the program and leads to memory leaks. These memory leaks impact the performance of the system over time.

Rebooting resets the entire computer's memory and hence helps to prevent any leaks and increases speed. 

3. Improves network connectivity

Internet and bluetooth connectivity can also be impacted in a system that has been running for a long time. Connections to wireless peripheral devices such as keyboards and mouse also may not work properly. Rebooting resets all connections and can clear up problems with wireless connectivity.

Another way to troubleshoot network connectivity issues is by rebooting the router. Rebooting cleans the router’s short-term memory or cache and keeps it running more smoothly. It allows the router to shed unwanted devices from the network and select the least crowded channel, which  provides a stronger connection to the devices.

4. Completes Update and installations

New updates for the operating system are auto-downloaded and installed on the machine from time to time. These updates are generally not fully configured and applied until a reboot occurs. Hence, not rebooting a system makes it vulnerable without having the latest security patches applied. 

Rebooting ensures that any software or OS updates are properly installed, keeping the system secure from multiple exploits and threats.

So, the question remains, what is the minimum interval for rebooting computers? And the answer Microsoft gives is to reboot Windows PCs once a week.  It is also suggested to completely turn off devices when they are not in use for extended periods of time. 

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