Mobile Computer Services Tackles the Relevance of Password Managers Today

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Password Managers and Their Benefits

The Internet is filled with password-protected applications and websites today. Be it for shopping, booking a cinema ticket, internet banking, or paying bills, most websites/applications require their users to create an account and secure it with a login name and password. Clearly, it becomes cumbersome for the user to remember individual username-password combinations for each of their accounts. As a result, many users tend to repeat the same passwords to access different sites. This practice makes it easy for hackers to hack into their various accounts and create problems. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Wake Forest, talks about the benefits of using password managers to generate and store passwords. 

1. Remember Just One Password

A major benefit of using password managers is that it acts as a digital book that holds all the usernames and passwords of the user. Users have to remember just one master password to log in to their password manager application. Keep in mind that this master password should ideally be a strong and memorable passphrase so that the details are not compromised even in the event of a data breach of the password manager server. 

2. Generate Strong Random Passwords

Password managers generate new passwords while creating new accounts on websites/ apps. These passwords will be strong and random and hence difficult to be cracked by a hacker algorithm. 

3. Access Multiple Accounts From Multiple Devices

Password managers can be added as browser extensions. Users just have to log in to the password manager, which can autofill the login pages. The passwords are stored securely in the password manager. 

Many password managers also allow access from multiple devices. As most people nowadays use their mobile devices to browse the internet, password managers must work across different devices and provide support for mobile app logins. 

4. Store Not Only Passwords

Password managers are capable of storing data such as memberships, security questions, and profile details like name and phone number. 

5. Secure Shared Accounts

Sometimes shared accounts are used by a team so multiple people can log in to the same account for certain tasks. Example: a shared social media account of a company. Password managers can be used to control who has access to such shared accounts. 

Further, some password managers can allow one person to manage a shared account and control the access without revealing the actual password to other members. 

6. Easily Change

In case of a hack or even otherwise, changing passwords of various accounts is quick and easy with password managers. The password generator can easily generate new strong passwords for the accounts without the user having to remember them all. 

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