Outsourcing to a Managed IT Services Provider for Multi-Location Companies

Mobile Computer Services, Inc.

Raleigh Managed IT Services Company Specializes in Multi-Location Companies

Running a multi-location dental practice, veterinary practice or other types of businesses that have more than one location requires constant monitoring, management, and innovation to ensure that customers receive the best possible service and that company operations run smoothly across all locations. Using a company that specializes in outsourced IT services for multi-location companies offers a number of benefits and specific solutions.

Managed IT Services Company in Raleigh NC

The Benefits of Outsourced Managed IT Services 

There are many benefits of outsourcing to a managed IT service provider. This includes the reduction of errors and security breaches, the ability to meet compliance obligations, lower costs, and the ability to better focus on the more important aspects of running a business. It also alleviates the issue of having to hire, train and manage employees in an area that most business owners and executives have no expertise in which makes managing an IT support employee or a team very challenging. 

Managed IT Service Providers Reduce Errors and Security Breaches

An expert in managed IT services for multi-location enterprises, Mobile Computer Services is focused on providing the perfect technology solution for you based on their years of experience and deep expertise in multi-location applications. This specific expertise allows them to assist with any IT challenges that relate to hardware failures, viruses and malware, firewall issues, warranties and security vulnerabilities to name just a few common challenges businesses of all shapes and sizes incur in the normal day to day operations. 

Lower Costs with a Managed Services Plan

It’s often more expensive both in terms of time and money to manage your IT support in-house. Outsourced providers who offer managed IT services specialize in the technologies that your business needs to function every day. They are therefore able to offer better support and charge less than the cost to manage this function in-house with full or part-time employees and the related costs that come along for the ride when you insource IT support services. With outsourced IT services for multi-location businesses, the company has access to high-quality resources as soon as they are needed and the real cost-savings come from 24/7/365 monitoring of all hardware and devices across all locations which frequently prevents disasters and costly downtimes. 

Focus on Your Business, Not Your IT

It is often the case that an IT problem happens late on a Friday afternoon, in the middle of the night or over the weekend, which leaves the business owners and managers in a state of high-stress until it can be resolved. With an outsourced IT provider, the management of all IT-related needs allows them to relax because they have the assurance that their IT provider is staffed 24/7/365, and act as soon as a problem arises. Mobile Computer Services prides itself on its 3-Minute MCS Guarantee. Other IT companies are quick to toss around buzzwords like “fast response times” and “proactive support,” but fail to deliver on their promises. That’s not how it works at MCS. Get a response in 3 minutes or less or THEY PAY YOU! When you call, THEY ANSWER, or they pay you! It’s that simple.

Solutions from a Managed IT Service Provider 

There are specific requirements that most businesses must adhere to that can best be managed by a managed IT services provider. This includes the installation and configuration of technology, hardware, devices, and networks. A managed IT services provider that has specific experience in working with multiple locations is well-placed to deliver effective, efficient solutions as they understand your needs.

In order to stay ahead of competitors, there is a need to constantly be improving and adapting to deliver on client expectations. A managed IT services provider for multi-location businesses will have the experience and specialized knowledge to assist with:

  • Setting up, updating and maintaining a system for managing dental patient files and information
  • A full-backup solution for important data and customer records
  • Providing training on any specialized hardware and software
  • Implementing a specific security plan for the business including firewall strategies, email and data encryption and virus protection
  • Optimizing technological up-time for each location
  • Suggest practical applications for cloud-based and other solutions to introduce time and cost savings
  • Compliance with state and federal rules and regulations (especially regarding personal health information (PHI) for healthcare and dental practices)

The benefits of using a provider that offers managed IT services in Raleigh as well as the specific solutions that they are able to implement, make outsourcing your IT to a company like Mobile Computer Services a good option. From cost savings to innovative technology, they have the experience and skills to make it happen for your business or multi-location enterprise.