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Companies of all sizes and in all industries are a prime target for cybersecurity breaches because the earning potential they present to hackers is great. CIO's are acutely aware of this threat and know that reliable managed IT solutions are indispensable for success. Research indicates that 70% of businesses expressed concern about growing cybersecurity issues and estimated their cybersecurity risk increased dramatically in the last several years. These concerns are not unfounded.

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Still, 93% of businesses and organizations use cloud services as data point storage solutions in spite of concerns about vulnerability to security breaches. Cloud storage services have helped companies around the world to reduce data storage costs as the amount of data to be stored and security threats continue to increase exponentially.

The Upside of Cloud Storage for Businesses

Cloud services are the best option for storing data online digitally and are quickly replacing in-house servers. Storing data online on cloud servers is the future because it allows unlimited storage. Here are seven reasons why online data storage in the cloud has become a popular solution.

1. Usability, convenience, and accessibility

No technical knowledge is needed since users can easily drag and drop data files into the cloud storage. With an internet connection and just a few clicks, the stored files can be accessed conveniently from anywhere in the world.

2. Disaster recovery

Cloud storage is an almost foolproof backup plan for businesses. The backup files are stored at a remote location until needed.

3. Reduced costs

Online data storage reduces annual operating costs since internal power and resources are not required for cloud storage.

4. Easy data sharing and collaboration

Data stored in cloud storage is easily and securely shared with clients and colleagues, either in a specific cloud environment or to the complete account. A cloud environment enables multiple users to access, edit, and collaborate on a single file or document.

5. Scalable service

Cloud hosting provides vertical as well as horizontal scaling while only paying for resources used. The flexibility is attractive to businesses realizing sustained growth.

6. Synchronization

Accessing files and synchronizing them with devices can be accomplished easily through an internet connection. Files can be automatically updated after making any changes. The latest version of the updated file can be viewed through cloud storage.

7. Automation

Automation resolves issues involving data backups and normal business operations. Backups can be scheduled so as not to interrupt the daily business operations.

8. Security

Data stored in the cloud is safe as long as an effective and diligent IT management strategy is in place, functioning, and current. Since the server data is distributed across redundant servers, the perils of hardware failure are non-existent. Cloud servers also deliver automated backups and snapshots that ensure data is safe.

The Downside of Cloud Storage for Business

The use of cloud storage services has proliferated in the last several years. Many businesses have embraced cloud solutions as their main data storage points. The sheer number of cloud storage points has caught the attention of the cybercriminal. As a result, cloud storage solutions are prime targets for attempts to hijack data.

The explosion of cloud solutions for data storage has occurred even though cloud storage presents a major security vulnerability if not carefully guarded by a sound cybersecurity protection and recovery strategy.

An estimated 58% of small businesses express concern over the threat of cybersecurity breaches. However, 51% of small business owners have no measures in place to address the threat and no funds allocated to cybersecurity that could mitigate the risk of a cyber attack.

A Solid Cybersecurity Solution

Mobile Computer Services, Inc. of Raleigh offers affordable, managed IT cloud solutions to businesses exposed to cyber threats. The IT managed solutions experts schedule and execute data backups at times that do not disrupt or hinder daily business operations.

They do more than just schedule and take a backup of cloud storage data; they also test their backups regularly to ensure the backups function properly and are not corrupt. This attention to detail is what sets Mobile Computer Services, Inc. apart from other IT managed solution providers in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Mobile Computer Services, Inc.'s all-encompassing computer data security and virus removal solutions protect a company and its valuable data. The consultants at Mobile Computer Services, Inc. of Raleigh create security solutions that fully protect a client's business from cyber threats. The team of IT experts provides strategies for antivirus and internet protection, wireless network security, data protection, computer and PC security, computer data security, virus removal, network antivirus solution, intrusion blocking, and wireless protection.

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Online cloud storage and backup offer many benefits for businesses. Cloud storage does not require substantial investment and can be actively used for connecting and collaborating with clients and employees. Opting for a cloud environment yields many benefits, including scalability, accessibility, and affordability. Cloud storage options must run in tandem with a solid IT managed solution that identifies and mitigates exposure at every point.

For more information about cloud-based data storage in the Raleigh-Durham area, visit the Mobile Computer Services website at www.ncmobilecomputerservices.com/locations/raleigh.