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Dental IT a Specialty in Managed Services

Dental IT services is a special niche in the larger “Managed IT Services” industry. Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh understands that keeping dental information technology systems updated, data protection including ePHI and HIPAA compliance in a dental practice is mission critical, especially in the face of day to day demands that are often prioritized due to their urgency. In this way, staff resources are typically at capacity and can also be overwhelmed which means that maintenance activities such as computer updates, virus scans, email scans, security patches, and backups can be neglected. This further increases the risk of bigger technology problems and outages further down the line that will negatively affect a business. It also exposes a dental practice to significantly higher risks of breaches, hacks and data leaks that can trigger a HIPAA violation.

Managed IT Outsourcing

Managed IT services for dentists takes out the risk as it allows dental practices to outsource their IT operations to an external service provider who then puts measures in place to keep the business online – which is where the term MANAGED IT SERVICES PROVIDER comes from. Kara Mason, Founder and President of North Carolina based Mobile Computer Services, summarized the situation perfectly, “Working with a managed service provider with deep experience in dental IT and HIPAA compliance, offers several benefits including lowered costs, improved focus on core business activities, but most importantly, it delivers peace of mind as business owners and practice managers know that one of the most important aspects of their dental practice is being managed by true professionals around the clock, 24/7/365.”

He went on to note that it is important to distinguish between preventative maintenance (which is offered by Mobile Computer Services), and breakage or hardware failures. Unfortunately, while it is possible to continuously monitor maintenance issues such as failed backups and perform automated tasks, it’s not possible to foresee hardware failures, software issues or virus attacks in all situations. The purpose of managed IT services is rather to ensure that when these unexpected scenarios occur, there are safeguards in place in the form of backups, plans and systems that will result in minimum downtime for the business. When businesses and practices have a managed services provider like Mobile Computer Services, Inc. as their IT support partner, these types of scenarios are few and far between and are typically the result of weather, fire or other natural disasters. The additional benefit and peace of mind comes from the fact that MCS offers and stands behind their 3 minutes or less guarantee for response times to any need, request or problem that may arise in your dental IT technology stack.

Managed IT Solutions Lower Overall Technology Costs

Managed services mean that a business or dental practice’s technological systems are being continuously monitored, managed and optimized to run properly and efficiently resulting in less downtime, the costs of which can be very high when factored in if a business is down for a half or full day. By proactively preventing issues from arising through continuous system monitoring, high repair and downtime costs can be avoided almost entirely. In addition, it is possible to budget accurately for managed IT services as the IT services and support are all-inclusive, charged at a flat rate that is payable monthly making it easy to plan and budget accordingly.

Dental IT Support RaleighManaging the Dental IT Technology Stack Critical for Success

The technology stack forms a large part of the operations of most businesses. It is surprising then that so many businesses choose to ignore this crucial aspect, relying on non-specialist employees to solve IT issues and only calling in a professional when all else has failed or when there is a critical outage of one or all technology services the business relies on. But this approach distracts employees from their core job functions and means that the business does not run optimally. By removing the technological component, employees are better able to focus on their primary job functions and large expenses and costs due to downtimes being eliminated, along with the stress!

Peace of Mind Comes from a Properly Managed IT Stack

An IT service provider will monitor your systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week so they can take proactive measures in the event of a potential issue. They are experts in their field which means that businesses will experience:

  • Less downtime as issues are identified and solved before they escalate
  • Fewer disruptions as updates and upgrades are run outside of office hours whenever possible
  • Improved security through system monitoring, as well as regular updates and backups

About Mobile Computer Services

Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh and Wake Forest offers managed IT solutions and specialized managed IT services for dentists plus multi-location dental practices that cover the design and set up of new systems as well as the repair and maintenance and optimization of any and all existing devices and computer servers. They offer remote desktop and on-site computer support when needed and a 3-minute response time guarantee.

Mobile Computer Services offers network services, business continuity planning, IT consulting, security, assistance with office moves, VoIP, email protection and hardware as a service. They also have a quick response team that is available for on-demand services, helping with fixing hardware and software issues, mobile device management like tablets and company smartphones, along with new hardware and computer setup when its time to replace the desktops that sound like a jet engine when first started in the morning.