Managed IT Services Company in Raleigh Explains Benefits of Cloud-Based Solution

The Benefits of Cloud Services with a Managed IT Services Provider in Raleigh

With different, new technology coming on-line and becoming increasingly accessible to businesses in Raleigh, the way that business work needs to change too. A managed IT services company helps clients to adjust to these changes by recommending effective, safe options that allow their clients access to capitalize on technological advancements.

One of the most important factors of today’s ‘sharing economy’ is the ability of businesses to leverage cloud-based businesses that offer longer-term benefits such as low capital investment, monthly costs that are predictable, solutions that can scale and, importantly, offer reliability.

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Cloud-Based Services Have Low Capital Investment

As a business owner, you may be concerned about the cost of switching to cloud services because, at least upfront, there may be an initial cost to implementing a cloud-based server. But it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Cloud services offer operational efficiencies that should be considered with a longer-term view, taking into account ROI rather than the initial capital outlay.

But these capital investments are usually lower than expected. With managed IT services, a business can utilize shared resources that are hosted remotely, saving on expensive hardware costs. Importantly, switching to cloud services reducing data storage costs significantly, while employees still have quick access to the files that they need. 

High Levels of Reliability

Using cloud technology is reliable as regular, scheduled backups ensure that businesses are protected against the failure of physical hard drives. And, because cloud-based service providers regularly update their technology, the business will not need to upgrade their own technology as frequently. 

Cloud-based security is very tight with private cloud, secured storage space, and data encryption that allows businesses to reduce their own security risk. Studies show that businesses that switch to cloud servers see an improvement in security which, in many cases, makes it easier to meet their compliance requirements. 

Cloud services have disaster recovery options that are second to none. Because natural disasters aren’t easy to predict, cloud storage will allow a business to continue normal operations even in the midst of a natural disaster.

Accurate, Predictable Monthly Costs

With cloud services, businesses can pay on a monthly basis or the resources that they need, which ensures that they only need to pay for what they use. In contrast, with a traditional system, payment is all upfront, regardless of whether you use all the features and capacity or not. Cloud services, therefore, help to lower costs and make monthly expenditures easier to predict. 

Scalable Solutions

When a business taps into the cloud infrastructure, they access the ability to scale on demand. This means that as workloads increase (or decrease) the cloud solution can scale with it and so businesses are able to maximize their use of resources. As a business owner, therefore, you only need to pay for what you’re using, but you’re not limited to the future should your needs increase (in which case cloud resources will be increased) or decrease (in which case resources will be scaled back). The costs scaling increase or decrease accordingly making it a long-term affordable solution. 

The Role of Managed IT Services Providers

Managing cloud services for a business requires specialist knowledge of both the cloud technology as well as the business using the infrastructure. This makes working with a managed IT company invaluable. Outsourced IT takes the worry out of cloud services for businesses as they are available to educate employees if necessary, facilitate the change over to cloud technology and ensure business continuity and data safety.

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Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh offers managed IT services for local businesses. They are able to offer cost savings and improved efficiencies as they lead the way in assisting their clients to adopt new cloud-based technologies to benefit the businesses' bottom line.