Managed IT Service Provider in Raleigh Explains How VoIP Can Help Businesses

An IT Service Company in Raleigh Introduces VoIP, 4 Things You Need to Know

Today’s technology makes it possible to make phone calls from just about anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, a device that connects to the Internet and a voice over IP (VoIP). A managed IT service provider can integrate a VoIP solution that is, in essence, phone service over the internet using technology that converts your voice into a digital signal. This allows you to make calls directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or any other data-driven device.

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What is VoIP?

In its most basic form, it’s the transmission of voice traffic over IP networks rather than the transmission of voice over the traditional PSDN (Public Switched Data Network ). The IP network solution was initially proposed for data networking and was later adapted to voice networking as the Internet Protocol became established as the global standard for data networking.

How does it work?

VoIP is the technology that works to convert your voice into a digital signal which is transmitted over IP networks. In terms of features, it is far superior to landlines as it offers more control over the calling experience. With VoIP, you can use a computer, a VoIP enabled phone or a mobile phone with the only requirement being that you have a stable Internet connection. 

What makes VoIP the best solution for businesses?

An experienced IT services provider can install a VoIP solution that delivers world-class telecommunication for your business. The main benefits that it offers over traditional telephones are:

    • Complete security – if having a secure phone line for your business is important, a VOIP installation will allow you to handle sensitive phone conversations privately and discretely.
    • Video conferencing – a reliable VOIP solution can also include video over the internet for secure video conference calls so you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about technical complexities.
  • Scalability – a VOIP solution grows with your business by providing a communication strategy that can easily be implemented in different geographic locations and adding new team members is seamless.
  • Increased productivity - VoIP technology has the potential to increase an organization’s productivity as employees can multi-task without interruption. Multiple calls can be made at the same time, including conference and group calls. This improves collaboration and communication, leading to increased productivity.
  • Savings on call costs – VoIP is an affordable solution, so funding that would usually be spent on traditional phone bills can be allocated to other aspects of the business. Calls using VoIP are either free or drastically lower than regular providers; they just require an Internet connection.
  • Affordable hardware and software – many VoIP solutions can run on existing infrastructure, and installation is usually a quick process. 


  • A feature-rich solution – standard features can include fax, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, 411 directories, and the last number redial. Advanced features included in VoIP subscriptions can also provide call transfer, speed dialing, return call, SMS, and area code selection.  

How do you get started?

If you’re considering a VoIP solution for your business, speak with an IT services provider that specializes in VoIP technology. The industry continues to develop and improve, and it’s important to find a solution that is up-to-date with the latest developments and is well suited to your business needs.

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Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh, NC, in addition to offering VoIP solutions, provides managed IT services including network and IT repair, cloud services, cybersecurity, network design, HIPAA compliance, and data recovery. They understand the importance of business continuity, working with their clients to identify and resolve any areas of potential risk that could impact the company. 

They strive to ensure that you have the right IT and network infrastructure, so your business runs optimally while protecting your systems from attacks and vulnerabilities.