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Managed IT Company Gives 3 Reasons Businesses Need to Upgrade to Windows 10

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3 Reasons Businesses Should Be Switching to Windows 10 

As technology improves, it is inevitable that some tech products and services will run their course and need updating. Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh, NC offers affordable managed IT services to business in the Raleigh area and have years of experience in helping companies upgrade their hardware and software to adapt to an ever-evolving business environment.   

With support for Windows 7 ending in January 2020, businesses that still operate on Windows 7 need to think ahead and make changes to their software protocols to meet this challenge. The team at Mobile Computer Services, rather than thinking of the switchover as an obstacle, sees it as an exciting opportunity to rethink a business’s operating structures and processes. And as such, they feel that the switch to Windows 10 offers only benefits because it is a superior product. Upgrade Readiness by Microsoft makes the switch quicker, and outsourced managed IT service providers like MCS can ease the transition. 

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Microsoft Says That Windows 10 Is Their Best Product 

Windows 10 keeps getting better. It keeps the familiarity of previous Windows versions and it’s a lot faster. Microsoft has made it easier to find things quickly with a new Start menu and search bar, as well as improving the user experience when it comes to organizing, editing and sharing videos and photos. Microsoft Edge, the internet browser, has also had a makeover; and it’s much quicker and more user-friendly. 

There are also many securitymobility and flexibility upgrades that make doing business using Windows 10 a lot easier and more enjoyable. 

Preparing to Migrate to Windows 10 Is Quicker With Upgrade Readiness 

In the past, transitioning to a new operating system has been a complicated, challenging and usually slow process for many companies. Listing and testing all the applications and drivers that are used by employees within a business for compatibility has traditionally been a big friction point.  

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With the release of Microsoft’s Upgrade Readiness service, organizations now have access to a suite of tools that allow them to manage the process from start to finish. The result of this is that companies can switch to new releases quicker. 

Microsoft releases new Windows versions a couple of times a year, which makes testing application and driver compatibility an ongoing process. With Windows Upgrade Readiness, businesses can manage the upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10, and going forward, all future Windows 10 updates.  

Managed IT Service Providers Make It Simple to Update

Partnering with the best managed IT service providers makeit a lot easier to take the plunge. Specializing in up-to-date solutions, customers of managed IT service companies, such as Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh, NC, have immediate access to local experts who can get the job done. 

top managed IT service company will save time and money as they sit with a company to assess their business goals and from there identify a solution to meet the needs of the company. This allows the business to become more efficient and agile so that they can adapt to changes in customer preferences and new technology more easily.  

IT service providers can also help to grow a business as they understand the big picture and can incorporate cloud computing and other technologies. This means that they can develop new ways of more efficiently carrying out necessary business processes. Effectively, this gives the business the tools they need to take advantage of new opportunities that will grow the business and benefit its bottom line. 

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Mobile Computer Services in Raleigh, NC specializes in assisting businesses with their technical requirements. They offer a range of services designed to take the headache out of software and hardware management for company owners.