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Managed IT Services Explained By Local IT Management Company in Raleigh

Business in the 21st century involves mountains of information and data. This information must be managed, and the entire service industry has been created to meet the demand for IT management in business, industry, government, and education.

The demand is so great that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of information technology and computer occupations is projected to grow 13% from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Small businesses and small business owners in the Raleigh area, such as dentists, veterinarians, home health care providers, architects, contractors, or realtors, need a basic grasp of the scope, function, importance, and value of managed IT services.

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What is “IT?”

“IT” stands for “information technology.” According to, Information Technology (IT) is defined as “a business sector that deals with computing, including hardware, software, telecommunications and generally anything involved in the transmittal of information or the systems that facilitate communication.”

Who needs IT management?

Information is critical in business since today’s business environment is data intensive. Every business, whether large, medium, or small, needs help managing their information technology. The hospital system and the independent physician need IT management services; the pharmaceutical company and the small-town druggists need IT management assistance. Every business sector, from veterinary practices to realtors, needs managed IT solutions.

Who provides IT management services to business, industry, government, and education?

Many large companies have their own IT department to manage all things informational. Smaller companies may have a small team or even one or two individuals dedicated to fulfilling the IT needs of the business. Small business owners and professionals will often outsource their IT needs to independent service providers such as Mobile Computer Services, Inc. in Raleigh. Companies with limited IT management resources will partner with IT management providers when the scope of the job or the magnitude of the problem necessitates it.

What services does an IT support specialist provide?

Ongoing 24/7 IT management support:

  • Systems monitoring and repair as needed
  • Disruption avoidance
  • Preemptive issue identification and resolution
  • Remote or overnight service

Network services:

  • Detailed reports that provide an overview of the network’s health and status
  • Security audits that identify and close gaping holes in network security
  • Antivirus and firewall application installation and operation
  • Quarantine of any security threats entering the system

Business continuity planning in case of a catastrophic systems failure:

  • Formulation of a customized systems failure protocol
  • Backup and recovery services for critical business data
  • Data protection and recovery preparation
  • Data backup and restoration security plan for email, customer databases, and sensitive information.

IT consulting:

  • Comprehensive analysis of essential business functions, including scalability and budgeting
  • System installation, testing, and a complete system setup
  • Ongoing support for system maintenance requirements


  • Computer and PC security solutions
  • Computer data security solutions
  • Antivirus and internet protection
  • Virus removal solutions
  • Wireless network security solutions
  • Intrusion blocking

On-demand services:

  • 24/7 on-call IT experts

Office moving and office cabling services:

  • Office moving, set up and installation
  • Design and installation of advanced cabling solutions


  • Enterprise-level, feature-rich telecommunications systems
  • Video conferencing

Email Protection:

  • Email security solutions that guard against litigation, spam, phishing scams, malware, and viruses
  • Advanced filter solutions that stop email-related viruses and spam content from ever reaching the inbox 

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Solution:

  • Infrastructure, hardware, and support with warranty servicing for servers, laptops, desktops, switches, routers, and firewalls as well as software, operating systems, and drivers associated with these items

How important is IT management in Raleigh?

Technology drives the business world, a world that feeds on information.  Failing to have competent IT management can devastate a business in moments. Comprehensive IT management keeps information flowing, avoids disruptions, ensures a satisfying customer experience, improves efficiencies, builds a positive reputation of reliability, and brings peace of mind to business owners and managers.

managed it services

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