How Businesses in Raleigh Can Prepare for Windows Server 2008 End of Support

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Did you know that on 14th January 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2? This may seem far off, but it's closer than you think. What this means is that once support ends, you won’t receive security updates, leaving your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You need a company that offers managed IT solutions and will help you migrate to a current, up-to-date server that offers the best security and performance as well as access to new innovations.

If your business, like many others, still runs on Windows Server 2008, then a professional IT consultant can walk you through the two different options that are available as alternatives and the three key steps that you’ll need to take to migrate your server.

New Options: Choose Between Windows Server 2016 or a Cloud Server

Servers have made huge progress since 2008, and an IT support company in Raleigh can help you take advantage of these innovative technologies. They’ll help you with the day-to-day running of your business both today and into the future.

1. Upgrading On-Premises

The first and typically best option is to upgrade to Windows Server 2016. This is an on-premise solution, compared to running your applications and hosting your data off-site via a cloud solution. This server operating system has been developed to offer a platform for running networked applications.

This solution offers innovation, built-in security, and support. If your business will not be ready to migrate before January 2020, you can purchase up to three years of Extended Security Updates to ensure that your business is protected beyond the deadline. Keep in mind that you only need to purchase the extended security option for the servers that you need while you are upgrading.

2. Migrating to a Cloud Solution

Then there's the second option, which is to utilize an off-premise or cloud server platform. This works well in some industries. With a trained and experienced IT support firm, you have access to a range of cloud services for analytics, storage, and networking depending on your business needs.

Three Steps to Migrating Your Server

Step 1: Get Access

It may have been a while since you last took an inventory of the applications that access and run on your server. It’s an important exercise to make an exhaustive list of the apps and server roles that are currently running on your Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. You’ll need to analyze the workload of each to determine whether the processes can best be managed by migrating to a cloud-based solution or an on-premises to Windows Server 2016.

Step 2: Begin the Migration Process

This may be a quick process, or it may need to take place over the course of a couple of months, depending on how your system is structured and its complexity. You’ll need to migrate your virtual machines either to a cloud platform or upgrade to the latest version of Windows Server (currently Windows Server 2016).

Step 3: Optimize Following a Successful Migration

Once you have all systems and processes backed up and running, you need to fine-tune your resources. This will allow you to more effectively optimize costs, manage resource allocation as well as strengthening your security, as you know that all your applications are being used and are updated.

IT Support Raleigh NC

Need Help With the Preparations?

Mobile Computer Services offers managed IT services in Raleigh NC including computer server support, installation, and updates. They will ensure that your business doesn’t experience downtime due to server malfunctions and old, unsupported software.

Mobile Computer Services specializes in serving as the CTO or Chief Technical Officer for a company and providing the pros and cons of all available technology options.

If you’ve just read this article and aren’t sure how to get started with a server update, the support staff will advise you on the best solution for your business. They also oversee a stress-free, successful migration to an updated server solution.

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