Choosing an Outsourced IT Service Provider in Raleigh, 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Raleigh Managed IT Service Provider Shares 5 Pitfalls When Choosing to Outsource

If you’re considering working with a managed IT service provider to provide IT support and advice for your company, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when making your final choice.

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Here are 5 pitfalls to avoid:

1. Don’t Decide on an IT Provider Using Price As the Leading Factor

An outsourced IT provider gives you access to a range of skilled specialists for an affordable price, especially if you compare it to the cost of an in-house IT team that comes with salaries, FICA, FUTA, benefits and more. But quality outsourced IT services, although affordable, shouldn’t be cheap and Raleigh businesses need to be careful in hiring the cheapest company they can find. Paying the lowest possible price opens your company up to the risk that in an emergency, such as a cyberattack, they won’t have the necessary skills to resolve the situation effectively and quite often, service and response times suffer with cheap IT providers. Paying a slightly higher rate and choosing a reputable IT service provider has the potential to save you thousands and thousands of dollars in the long-run. And as the saying goes, an "ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."


2. Bigger is Not Always Better

A personalized service from the beginning is much more likely to be able to resolve your issues quickly and effectively when they arise. A large, national corporate IT service provider will tend to prioritize their bigger clients, and smaller clients will move to the bottom of the pile. A Raleigh-based IT service provider with a strong track record will be able to match IT know-how with excellent customer service and quick response to queries. Mobile Computer Services founder and president, Kara Mason, said that his company guarantees a 3-minute response time and has never had to pay out on that guarantee with a client. 


3. Trust is Key in the Relationship

In all businesses, trust between partners is important. But when it comes to an IT service provider, it is essential. Follow your instincts on this one, if you don’t feel completely comfortable handing over your business’s IT requirements to them, don’t do it. 

In instances where you are uncertain, you can follow up with their references to get an idea of the level of service you can expect and their ability to proactively manage IT security for your type of business. Try to stay objective, all companies will have satisfied and dissatisfied clients, but it’s up to you to ask the right questions to find out whether they are able to successfully provide the service you need.


4. Don’t Use an Individual Contractor

A successful outsourced IT service needs multiple team members so that there is a pool of experience to draw from, and to ensure that your system is being continuously monitored. A single contractor is also liable to become overwhelmed and may rely on subcontractors who will have access to your systems without your knowledge. 


5. IT is Not One Size Fits All

Your business has unique needs that won’t be solved by a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all solution. What works for another business in a different industry may not be a good fit for what you need. Your provider needs to take the time to understand and accommodate the needs of your business and come up with strategic ways to anticipate issues that might arise in the future.

They should also be able to provide the range of services that your business needs and not just specialize in a particular area.

Managed IT Service Provider in Raleigh

A managed IT services provider should offer proactive solutions for your company’s IT goals. Locally-based managed IT company, Mobile Computer Solutions in Raleigh, NC, does just this. Their team of experienced IT professionals, coupled with their suite of technologies and processes, provides a tailored approach to working with businesses in the Raleigh area. They focus on providing services that protect their clients from issues before they even arise and have a suite of services designed to meet the individual needs of each customer.