Mexican food catering Tampa

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Mexican food catering Tampa

Mexican Food Catering in Tampa

Few foods are as well received throughout the world as Mexican cuisine. Whether you're serving quesadillas, tacos, or deep-fried chimichangas, your dinner guests are sure to push themselves away from your table with a full belly and a smile.

What are the best Mexican dishes?

It depends on who you ask, of course, but most people go wild over enchiladas. With origins that go back all the way to ancient Mayan times, enchiladas comprise flour or corn tortillas that are filled with cheese, meat, seafood, and/or veggies before being smothered in a spicy sauce and baked. Another perennial favorite is guacamole. Aztec in origin, guacamole is made from mashed ripe avocados mixed with cilantro, lime juice, chopped tomatoes, and onion. Sometimes, sour cream is stirred in to add richness and body to the guacamole. The tasty green concoction may be scooped and eaten with tortilla chips or used as a topping for practically any Mexican dish. Tostadas are yet another tasty Mexican dish that consists of fried tortillas topped with frijoles and melted cheese. No matter which is your personal favorite, we'll make what you like when you hire ExecChef for your Mexican food catering in Tampa.

Is there a Tampa caterer who will deliver to my yacht?

If you are planning to host a shipboard party with Captain Steve at the helm, ExecChef would be delighted to be your caterer. Whether you want an elegant seafood meal, a tasty Mexican buffet, or a splendid selection of tasty hors d'oeuvres, ExecChef is the catering company to call. Cruise the Sun Coast with a boat full of your best friends while savoring first-class cuisine that's easy and delicious. We can even help you to reserve a yacht and crew that sails from Vinoy Marina in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Where can I get an authentic Mexican meal in Tampa?

When you crave authentic Mexican cuisine, you can't go wrong when you call ExecChef Catering and Cafes. Our specialty is putting together perfect meals for corporate events and private parties. Whether your south-of-the-border tastes include chicken mole, beef enchiladas, savory chili relleno, or simple rice and black beans, we've got what you want and we'll bring it to your door. Truly Mexican cuisine can take hours to prepare. If you'd rather spend that time entertaining your guests, ExecChef is the company to call on. In fact, we are a preferred provider of Mexican food catering in Tampa, Florida.

Can I get Mexican food delivered to my office?

If you live in the Tampa area, ExecChef would be delighted to deliver your favorite south-of-the-border dishes directly to your office. All you have to do is call and reserve your catering time and tell us what you want us to bring. Catered Mexican cuisine is a fun alternative to typical sandwich plates and brings co-workers together in a fun way. Why settle for boring food when it's so easy to order Mexican food catering in Tampa.

Mexican food catering Tampa
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