Embedded Analytics Software

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Embedded Analytics Software

Embedded analytics integrates analytical content with the business’s capabilities to process various applications. It gives the needed information to allow users to work smart and efficiently with their every day job applications.

The most common cases of embedded analytics are the powerful reporting function or interactive visual dashboard of applications. An example of an embedded analytical task is the option to export a sales report in Excel format to a CRM sales system. The benefits of the feature depend on the specifics of the business application.

Benefits of embedded analytics

Embedded analytics bring massive benefits to a product. It improves user engagement and provides a channel to increase revenue to the channel. The analytics allows the business manager to find opportunities for growth from the numbers and reports. Your business will benefit from our software in the following ways:

Sustainable competition

You will fall behind the industry’s competition when your application does not know how to serve accurate insights to the staff. More data means you have more ways of developing an innovative solution to every issue and competitive condition. Embedded analytics include the latest technology to avail service to all clients.

Easy analysis

The modern business intelligence platform can gain the opportunity to add revenue. An addition of dashboards and reports are standard to an application that gives users an extra perception of a particular action.

Fast market

Building your analytical software exposes you to the risks or developing setbacks, delays, and multiple deployment issues. These processes restrict a fast entry into the market and therefore block the generation of revenue that could grow your business as fast as you wish. Purchasing software from us frees up your staff to focus on the core functions of the software. We continuously improve the technology and features to better the reports and analysis.

Better customer service

The software improves customer experience regardless of the industry niche. This process benefits you by decreasing churns and enlarging purchases. The analytics allow users to switch back and forth between different features, hence saves time spent on creating essential tasks and reports.

A recent survey reveals that analytics have efficient use because they produce tangible results. The data improves productivity because it improves the following functions:

  • An increased win rate to liven the existing applications when gaining the interest of new users
  • A reduced churn rate to enable a secure problem-solving ability
  • Increased product licensing to help cast a bigger net on more customers
  • Better monetization to create new opportunities for new clients while adding value to the existing functions

Eighty-four percent of business professionals want access to analytics inside the software application. Sixty-six percent of those users switch from typical business applications to use separate analytical tools for the necessary data. Many applications receive the benefit of embedded analytics because they have better user experience, adoption, and operations.

DotNet Report can handle single-user applications and multiple usages because the database can support access and edition of different accounts. Check out the free trial version to save your staff from distractions from core operations.


Embedded Analytics Software
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